Salutations all, I am using Comic Life 1.3.6 (71) for Windows. I have had the program for awhile and have only just been able to spend some quality time with it and really like this program.

HOWEVER, the function of the “margins” (File | Page Setup) setting does not work the way I expect a margin to behave. And, it does not work consistently between the Print and Export commands.

I see margins as the “white space” along the left, right, top and bottom of the printer page. The top margin is the home of the header and the bottom is where the page footer is located. I envisioned the margin settings as visual markers of the “layout limits” of the page. When printing. The margin setting is functioning as something very different.

THE PRINT COMMAND is cropping the space defined between the margin and the edge of the page and then enlarges the resultant image to fit onto the printed page when it is sent to the printer.
When printing, the area being defined by the “margins” (File | Page Setup) setting is being cropped from the sides of the outputted page and the page being printed is being enlarged enlarged/zoomed to fit with in the printing limits of the printer. This is probably why the “margins” turn read when an object crosses over the set boundary.

If you place text in the space between the “margin” and the edge of the paper it will not print, however, it does export – this behavior is addressed in the manual – the “margin” line even turns red. Seen as the printer’s printing limits, this is helpful. However, the “margin” settings are not from the printer’s driver, they are a default setting set by the ComicLife and are not collected in a “user settings” file.

The default margin settings (18 points for top, bottom, left and right) don’t distort the enlarged image greatly however, if the mistaken as real margins is made that “margins” in Comic Life is the same as margins in word processing, the resultant output is a surprise. The page is enlarged to the limits of the printers output.

After reading through the forum, I have noted that the “margin issue” workaround being suggested is to use the Export Command and use the resultant image. However, this is not the solution for my needs – I produce a club’s newsletter that is distributed as a PDF file. My intention is to combine the PDF files printed from ComicLife with those created from MS Word into the final newsletter using Adobe Acrobat.

THE EXPORT COMMAND seems to create the outputted file without regard to the set “margins”. When exporting, the margin settings are not treated the same as when printing. The outputted file includes the space setup as margins and the items placed within.

I HAVE FOUND A WORKAROUND. Set the “margin settings” to zero. When printing to a printer or PDF the output looks as expected. Keep in mind every printer (unless designed otherwise) have a physical printer limit; this is where the printer holds the paper as it passes over the rollers or under the ink jets.

Once the margins were set to zero, the printed pages were as I expected. from my Samsung (CLP-300 color or ML-1710 grayscale) printers. In addition, because there are no printer limits to a PDF file I have been able to produce edge bleeds without any problems. Of course printing to the edge of a page (bleed) depends on the printer. I have a HP that is suppose to print edgeless pages but having just moved, I keep the rest of the house clean by piling all the stuff/junk in the basement. I’ll go digging and report later.

I would like to have margin markers on the page as well as user adjustable guide lines, are needed to help with page layout. Hopefully the next version can address the behavior of the margins and add a guide line tool be added to a future version.