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    Re:Classroom materials

    Tried to go to link but couldn't find it. Could you repost it please.

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    Re:Classroom materials


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    Marilee Sarlitto

    Re:Classroom materials

    If you are looking for the Comic Life resource page Judi Epcke mentioned, it has been moved to this site.

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    Kate B

    Re:Classroom materials

    I am a 6th grade science teacher and started using the online teacher community this school year. It has been really helpful for me to find creative ideas and lesson plans for my class. I recommend it - it's completely free!

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    Re:Classroom materials

    My 7th grade tech class is using ComicLife to create a series of slides simulating an explorer interview. Research in history class, write script in English class and create slides in tech class. We are using Pages to Instant Alpha out backgrounds of student and explorer pics, copy to CL and then insert appropriate background settings for the "interview". Very fun.

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    Re:Classroom materials

    Good topic for discussion.

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    This is the right place for me. I'm new here. So i'll keep on reading...

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